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Stream Recap 6/20/2018: It’s so damn hot! The Mummy Returns was a bad choice!

I’m starting to regret my incredible ability to make endlessly poor decisions for myself. Mummy Wednesdays (why not Mummy Mondays? Did I curse it?) have not gone as smoothly as advertised.


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Stream Recap 6/13/2018: The Mummy Returns. Again.

There’s a line, conveniently in the sand, that I dare not cross. My integrity is rock solid, my resolve steel (or was that reserve), my dignity incorruptible. Well, unless I get bored and don’t know what I’m doing.


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Stream Recap 5/24/2018: The Mummy Returns

A particularly interesting situation, The Mummy Returns is notable not only for the fact that it’s a game on a “brand new console” (it was released within the first year of the PS2’s American availability) but because it’s part of four games (on consoles proper, not counting handhelds) in a “series” of IP-based titles that just so happened to be developed by separate software houses each time. Repeat that three times fast, but with all the letters upside-down and backwards. On Backwards Day. While looking at a mirror.


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