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Funday Sun, er, Saturday? Fuck…that don’t rhyme.

True, two weeks isn’t a lot in the perspective of a cosmic being capable of blowing up planets and shootin’ laser beams from their fingers and shit…but it’s the longest period possible on the internet. And it has happened here, on the greatest internet in the history of our sport.

How do I turn off this italics keeping pressing



returnoh fuck it

The Year Of Our Lard 2019 hasn’t exactly been the most beneficial cycle we’ve ever seen as a species, but there are definite improvements in the overall universe like proliferation of old/gimmick fighting games with really high-quality video capture, the general idea that the decay of all matter will eventually destroy our enemies, and a feeling of malaise brought upon by watching X. The X stands for whatever TV show, movie, standup comedian, or wrestling promotion you don’t like. This post is evergreen!

Me? I’m just laying back in the Gorilla Grotto (formerly known as Gorilla City, and also probably synonymously known as Gorilla City but we’ll find out if this gets big enough for DC to shit on my dick) waiting for an opportunity.