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Stream Recap 6/5/2018: Spider-Man: The Movie

There’s a certain respect for the player, I think, in skipping the beginning of an origin story when crafting a game based on a movie (and perhaps even based on another property). Unless you’ve got an incredibly unique way of packaging and presenting a Superhero’s rise to power, it’s best to leave it than risk lulling a player into a fit of button mashing immediately after the title screen. The primary hook these games have is in their related character/movie/breakfast cereal mascot, so it can reasonably be assumed that the majority of the audience is already at least partially familiar with the subject matter. And, let’s be honest: we don’t need to spend the first hour of the game doing homework and getting punched in the gut by high school bullies before spending the rest of our days climbing around on the ceiling. This isn’t (insert David Cage joke).


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Stream Recap 6/4/2018: Batman Begins

First and foremost, I’ll mention that I’ve played several bouts of this game over the past month or two…and in between then & now, I’ve gone back and replayed through the entirety of the Arkham trilogy. TRILOGY. With that refresher, it’s quite fascinating to take a look back at Batman Begins to compare & contrast what went right, what went wrong, and in many cases…what went boring. 


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