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I’ll be damned if I’m required to make any sense.

International Politics

Sir/Ma’am, send me food, lots of food, and I’ll consider it a deal.



Also, thank you. Like Spider-Man, I am very proud of my web.



I like to think of this as the email equivalent of a phone call where the Hall-of-Mirrors disappears into an echo. AND SEND QUOTES ACCORDINGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY……….


Black Friday

Speaking of rambling incoherently, I was just thinking about how fucked up it’d probably feel to be floating around in space without a tether. It’d probably be pretty hard to to comprehend how utterly and totally fucked you’d be just floatin’ around. This isn’t like a “oh no, I’m in the deep end of the pool and I can’t swim” type deal, you’re in SPACE. We’re talking SPACEFUCKED levels of KO never-coming-back boned. I mean, unless you’re Sandra Bullock or something but there’s a fairly high chance that you aren’t. If you are, I apologize. Do a little exercise, on a cloudy day, lay on your back on the ground and stare, unobstructed, into the sky. If you do it right, you’ll get a feeling of falling. Now, imagine that feeling, but you’re also on fire due to friction from the atmosphere as you plummet to your doom. That’s SPACEFUCKED.


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E.T. Bone Home

So as you know, I’ve been doing tons of research about games that are based on movies, right? I’ve been compiling lists of every console and every game associated with it that is based on a movie. For…science? I guess I can hide behind that? Anyway, on my travels around the internet, I may have just stumbled upon a video that will change all of our lives. It’s for a little game from 2002 called E.T.: Interplanetary Mission.


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Moving Forward

Alright alright alright alright – a bit of a status update again. People like lists, right? Lemme just list it and spread the items over 30 pages for extra ad exposure.


· I’ve hit a milestone in acquiring hardware – lighting, audio equipment (board, multiple mics, headphone amplifier, largely everything required for group setting is in a pile on the floor in Gorilla City. The real work will now turn towards configuring it all to work together (which will be a first for me, jump for fucking joy

· The next goal is going to be building a new desktop, as the current one doesn’t seem capable of keeping pace with the quality milestone I want to hit consistently (1080p 60FPS). The current system is a bit long in the tooth at this point and will need to be stepped up – likely around tax time. Keeping a consistent 720p 60FPS is OK for now.

· The majority of daily shitposting is still being handled via Instagram, which trickles down to Twitter/Facebook/Discord. I’m still looking for more ideas to actively show off on social media so expect this to grow in the future as I try to make myself a bit more…eh…comfortable

· Circling back around to the first part, I’m really looking forward to being able to bring other people in during streams – there are a ton of people and ideas that will be fun to exploit and I can’t wait to roll that out in the coming weeks

· Last thing – and this is more of a personal note – I’ve been kind of in my own head (in a bad way) as of late and need to reprioritize what I’m doing in my personal life.  That majorly includes what I spend my time doing and how much I take care of myself. I’m overdue to make some significant changes – and I don’t think there’s anybody who would disagree that I show, quite often, some wreckless fucking behavior that I’ve somehow managed to get away with over the years. I’ll deny it at every turn, but I know what’s up. and I think it would be best to keep it real from now on.


R.I.P. for my downstairs neighbor putting up with audio tests at 3AM

Captain’s Log (hehe..Log)

I don’t know what the fuck a star date is, but it’s currently 9/25/2018 and some sort of time that I could easily grasp by looking in the lower right corner of the screen, but I like to think that the 1 second I saved by not doing that will come in handy later during some sort of emergency (the emergency being that this run-on sentence wasn’t long enough I guess, points spent).


Things have moved along at a brisk pace. MUMMY WATCH 2018™ has been wall-to-wall panic, as the tides of The Scorpion King have ebbed and flowed. Instagram has risen to be the #1 source of #2 (40oz Gorilla information). The first Twitch payout! Equipment slowly dribbles in and has a notable impact in production quality and capabilities. The thing that I enjoy the most is when somebody tells me that I made them laugh, or that I did something interesting on accident…and for that, I thank you.


There’s a definite wave of work on the website, partially because I tend to freeze up on with a sense of dread whenever I pull it up – I immediately feel some sort of hoity-toity pinkies in the air sense of “Oh, only the best!”…which leads to nothing getting done. Perfectionism is a great way to shift the blame off yourself when you don’t produce, and I’m kind of happy that I’m starting to full recognize what that looks like. Hell, 40oz Gorilla YouTube has been up for what, 6 years? Look at it: barren, desolate, like the womb of an exotic doll collector or pet parent. Every time I try to crawl up the Dark Knight Rises type Pit (I’m surprised I remember that much of the movie), I fall to the ground, damning the hell I’ve been put into.


We should change that.


The 30 day challenge (which, I will remind you, I ultimately failed) last September/October was a valiant effort, as was the idea of writing a recap for each stream shortly after being live. But it lacked something…it lacked passion. When I sit in front of a computer and feel dread? I can’t poop out anything of value…and I poop out valuable objects at an alarming rate most days. Maybe it’s an issue of focus…or of making sure there’s a spark behind the words I put down. Putting a deadline on something that is decided by me and only me turns my outlet into a chore. The whole point of this site, originally, was that it was supposed to be the bucket that held my leavings – a doggie bag for the mind.


To quote Total Recall, “Consider that a divorce!”. But, I mean in the opposite direction. I’m not actively putting the gun to your head and sucking the bullet out, no, I mean, it’s on. Shit done changed. Let’s Rock. Full speed ahead! All that jazz. Start some shit.