What’s Up?

To be sure, this internet crime base of mine has been a tiny bit of a rollercoaster over the…five years? Five years this has been here. Huh. Five years ago I had the idea to yet again re-invent the oft-neglected internet junk drawer that I occasionally deem worthy of draining my internal monologue to. Five more years where I barely pumped out any content before revamping the design, setting things up, and neglecting it again. I’ve gotta stop writing things down in scraps of notes, chuckling to myself on the bus and contorting my face in break room conversations. It’s bothering me more than ever not getting this stuff out constructively, so I’ll be doing a few things in the next month to see how to improve the situation.

  • Starting today, I’m going to attempt to post something vaguely substantitive every day for the next thirty days. Not as an obligation, not as a chore or punishment, but to get used to planning and delivering. This is the first piece, obviously.
  • Cleaning up my streaming shedule. I’ve been streaming on Twitch for somewhere around a year at this point, and while the technical presentation is largely on point, maintaining a schedule wrapped around a job that has no scheduling consistency itself sometimes craps all over my plans. Combine that with burning the candle at both ends and I sometimes end up going back on my promises for streaming, which is pretty bullshit. I’m going to keep the 6PM(ish) PST schedule on Tuesday & Wednesday for the moment, but may be moving it soon based on some upcoming career changes that might be taking place soon.
  • YouTube, dear (or dead) YouTube. This has probably seen the least activity, especially since I stopped dumping the backups of streams onto it. I’m unsure if they’re even worth putting onto YouTube, but I could be convinced if I thought anybody would actually watch them. While I have been relying on Twitch’s VOD for caching them, I do have local copies of everything I’ve streamed since starting on Twitch, so nothing is lost. This doesn’t even bring up the original content I wanted to put up in the channel, which I have to admit is partially due to experimenting with things that interest me, and also partly due to a little bit of cold feet. I should probably get over that part at some point.
  • Which leads me into my next point, which is that I’m my own worst enemy. I’ll admit that, it’s fair. Somehow, the idea of holding off and doing nothing handily beats the idea of doing something 90% well and improving later through iteration and experience. That’s a dumb fucking way to do anything, but it somehow always gets justified by the one time it actually works out (like not posting something stupid, or obsessing over a single joke for a few hours and getting it just right). Get over it, turd! I don’t want to die with money in my wallet, much less ideas in my head. Fuck it. Maybe somebody else will take it and figure it out better. Maybe giving flawed jokes and ideas to the global consciousness is some sort of payback for all the cool electronics and food you always find outside and drag back home. Use that justification.
  • Planning for the future and being vague and creepy and then forgetting it or whatever. Shut up, you fuck. Stop promising shit and deliver.


Anyway, I hope this has been a painfully uninformative glimpse into my brain, which to be fair was the original concept for rapeape.com/4tonmantis.com/40ozGorilla.com. Can I put a period there? Does that work, or look stupid? Fuck it, we’ll do it live. Let him roar.